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Slayers Next (TV)
Genre: Adventure Fantasy Comedy Magic
Summary: In the kingdom of Xoana, Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev unexpectedly come across their old companions, Zelgadis Graywords and Princess Ameilia Wil Tesla Saillune. Upon their…
May 22, 2017, 10:31:09 AM by Ruriko
Slayers (TV)
Genre: Adventure Magic Comedy Fantasy
Summary: In a world where magic reigns and monsters lurk, there is Lina Inverse. A cute, fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the wicked and gives to herself. Along with Gourry,…
May 20, 2017, 11:26:42 AM by Ruriko
Walkure Romanze (TV)
Genre: Action Romance Sports Ecchi Harem
Summary: Taking place at Winford Academy located in an old town called Helen's Hill, the story is all about knights and the sport of jousting. At this school, students learn how to…
May 19, 2017, 11:19:24 AM by Ruriko
Mahou Sensou (TV)
Genre: Action Magic Fantasy
Summary: Nanase Takeshi is an ordinary high school boy who has a somewhat dark past. Due to certain circumstances, he formed a fake couple with his childhood friend Isoshima Kurumi,…
May 18, 2017, 11:25:43 AM by Ruriko
Campione! (TV)
Genre: Comedy Fantasy Romance Ecchi Harem Magic
Summary: The sixteen-year-old high school student Kusanagi Godou was running an errand for his grandfather, delivering a magic artefact to the Witch of Sardinia, Lucretia Zola. Before…
May 16, 2017, 11:19:45 AM by Ruriko
Amagami SS Plus (TV)
Genre: Comedy Romance Slice-of-Life School-Life
Summary: A continuation of Amagami SS, showing what happens after each girl's respective arc. What if Tsukasa were to run for student council president...?
May 15, 2017, 12:17:25 PM by Ruriko
UFO Princess Valkyrie 2 (TV)
Genre: Comedy Science-Fiction Romance
Summary: Valkyrie, Kazuto, Akina, Hydra, and friends are back for more when the Key of time suddenly appears along with many other mysterious happenings. All seemed to be linked to…
May 14, 2017, 11:12:29 AM by Ruriko
UFO Princess Valkyrie (TV)
Genre: Comedy Magic Ecchi Science-Fiction
Summary: UFO Princess Warukyure, aka UFO Princess Walkyrie is about a princess from outer space who accidentally crashes on earth, where Kazuto desperately tries to maintain the public…
May 13, 2017, 12:54:41 PM by Ruriko
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Death Note Director's Cut:… (OVA)
A compilation of the confrontations between the vigilante Light and the…
Yesterday at 03:45:29 PM DeadHungryKat - So many good chapters coming out today. BNHA also rocks. Kirishima is DOPE!
Yesterday at 03:17:16 PM Golgo 13 - Hunter x Hunter Manga is back
Yesterday at 11:52:40 AM DeadHungryKat - Wow! Rising of the Shield Hero gets anime!
Yesterday at 11:29:50 AM DeadHungryKat - Though all enemies go down in one sequence. But King takes the cake this chapter XD
Yesterday at 11:29:24 AM DeadHungryKat - Lol, Saitama getting bored rocks as hell. He's itching for a fight dude!
Yesterday at 11:16:06 AM ametaratsu - you made my day saitama

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