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Sin in the Rain (OVA)
It is raining in the Tokyo at night. A woman is wandering soaked to the…
Today at 05:54:55 PM Ikalx - Epic chat party in the making! Newbies, oldies! Join up and hang out with us grin
Today at 05:10:34 PM Ikalx - Mouse's b'day chat starts now! Come and talk while we wait for her grin
Today at 03:42:53 PM mkprovince - Okay, I've checked. Seems like all Mahouka links by Skyfish are down.
Today at 03:39:14 PM mkprovince - If I'm not wrong, Skyfish finished uploading his version of Mahouka in one of his threads.
Today at 02:12:46 PM Mouse-sama - dd14+01  pondra stopped uploading... so only if anyone else wanna continue it
Today at 02:09:08 PM Mouse-sama - i wanna see next eps of tokyo ghoul.... ongoings are so unfair...

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