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Naze Toudouin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga… (JDrama)
Genre: Comedy Shounen School-Life Romance
Summary: No matter how hard he thinks about it, Todoin Seiya cannot figure out why he doesn't have a girlfriend in his 16-year lifespan. Physically attractive, naturally smart, athletic…
February 23, 2015, 03:18:01 AM
Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa (Movie) (DVD/BD)
Genre: Action Military Comedy Romance
Summary: Kasahara Iku and Dojo Atsushi receive an emergency recall in the middle of their date as Japan is rocked by a terror attack. Their new duty is a protection detail assigned…
February 09, 2015, 10:16:47 PM
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata (TV)
Genre: Harem Romance Comedy School-Life
Summary: The life of Tomoyo Aki, a highschool otaku working part time to support his BD hoarding. With remarkable luck, he bumps head-first into, Megumi Kato, the most beautiful girl…
January 15, 2015, 12:43:25 PM
Isuca (TV)
Genre: Action Comedy Ecchi School-Life Romance Supernatural
Summary: Shinichirou decides to look for a job in order to pay his rent, and his teacher suggests that he work for someone at their house doing housekeeping; however, the person who…
January 11, 2015, 12:41:02 PM
Juuou Mujin no Fafnir (TV)
Genre: Action Fantasy Romance School-Life
Summary: With the sudden appearance of the monsters that came to be called Dragons, the world had completely changed. Before long, within the human race supernatural girls with the…
January 11, 2015, 12:24:59 PM
Yurikuma Arashi (TV)
Genre: Drama Fantasy Mature Romance School-Life Yuri
Summary: Far off in space, the asteroid Kumaria blew up, sending bits and pieces to rain down on Earth. For reasons unknown, this causes all the bears ("kuma" in Japanese) to simultaneously…
January 11, 2015, 12:19:51 PM
Shinmai Maou no Testament (TV)
Genre: Action Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance
Summary: "Hey, you said you wanted a little sister, right?" First year highschool student, Toujo Basara, was suddenly asked by his father and fell into a state of panic. On top of…
January 11, 2015, 12:09:55 PM
Kamisama Hajimemashita 2 (TV)
Genre: Comedy Romance Shoujo Magic
Summary: second season
January 09, 2015, 07:22:34 PM
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Guilty Crown (TV)
Plot Summary: After the outbreak of the unidentified virus "Lost Christmas"…
Today at 07:59:58 AM DirgePortgaz -  thanks dragonheart
Yesterday at 08:21:29 AM dragonheart - Tentai Senshi Sunred
Yesterday at 07:59:41 AM DirgePortgaz - can anybody tell me what anime this is? v=eyKoVmtHKvI&index=3&... list=WL
March 02, 2015, 03:22:43 PM ametaratsu - but i'm not a char fan
March 02, 2015, 02:42:38 PM DeadHungryKat - Of course it is! Char's original storyline... XD
March 02, 2015, 01:26:04 PM ametaratsu - Gundum origins kicks butt!!

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