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Chou Den-o & Decade: The… (Movie)
Taking place after the events of Kamen Rider Decade episode 15, under…
Yesterday at 08:27:06 PM Ikalx - Ah nevermind, dh went to bed. Next time maybe pm people if you want them to come, yo!
Yesterday at 07:58:13 PM Ikalx - I forgot and was out. Chat:
Yesterday at 05:55:17 PM dragonheart - no sign of ix 
Yesterday at 05:17:22 PM Mouse-sama - going to work. maby ill drop by chat later
Yesterday at 09:31:40 AM dragonheart - Finally after an year of mishaps and dead HDD .. avatar added to the DB
Yesterday at 09:30:51 AM dragonheart - *expectations 

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