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October 20, 2019, 02:34:45 PM

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Author Topic: Beatmania IIDX / LR2 thread  (Read 7954 times)
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lol hi.

Beatmania IIDX / LR2 thread
« on: July 05, 2008, 01:39:47 AM »

Beatmania IIDX, (two dee ecks) Is a game developed by Bemani, maker of DDR, keyboardmania, Drummania, Guitar freaks, and most recently, Jubeat. In all sense, its a DJ simulating game.

Beatmania IIDX's controller is similar to a Pianos, It has 7 Piano keys (beatmania 1 just had 5), 4 being white and the other 3 being black. In addition to the 7 keys is a Scratch pad, which you turn.

^ A standard Home consle IIDX controller.

Beatmania IIDX has spawned 16 Arcade versions and 14 Consle releases, all for PS2.

^^ Two people playing a IIDX 14: GOLD cabinet (Put in spoiler becasue its too big)

There is a program for PC emulation, it is called Lunatic rave and can be found at: (click the picture in the middle to download)

NOTE: To make it run you will need to install Japanese fonts and Applocale on your PC.

How to get simfiles for LR2:
1: Go to (Offical files) or.. Google: "IIDX Simfiles"
2: Pick a style, like 15: DJ TROOPERS.
3: Download the song, and make a folder called "Songs" on the root of the /LR2 folder.
4: After that, go to "LR2 CONFIG" in the LR2 folder and create an account.
5: Go to the jukebox tab and drag the "songs" folder you made into the white box.
6: Click play

How to play LR2
1: Main keys are: z,s,x,d,c,f,v, and shift (Shift is turntable)

(my LR2, with a modded theme.)

2: The red bar under the keys is the "Groove gauge". Similar to any music game life bar. But instead, you cannot "Fail" a song unless its under 80% at the end of the song. Which means; If you play a song like crap at the beggining and you do the end flawlessly, you can still pass.

3: If you hold space during the song selection, it brings up your Modifier menu. Here, you can set Hidden, sudden, ect.

Thats it basically. If you have any probelm with LR2 or any beatmania question in general, ask here.



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Anime Stash Community Forum  |  The Lounge  |  Technology & The Internet  |  Gaming  |  Topic: Beatmania IIDX / LR2 thread
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