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February 23, 2020, 01:36:22 AM

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Author Topic: Stasher's Anime Awards 2017 Q&A  (Read 896 times)
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Stasher's Anime Awards 2017 Q&A
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:11:27 AM »

Okay, this is my first time doing this whole thing on my own. I used to support the other host from last years, but now, they are frequently busy in real-life, so your NEET-admin will take over and be bold to open our yearly anime awards. But of course, this dedicated thread is to entertain some bound-to-be questions if you have some.

Q: Why are some animes not included in their respective genre? They could be better in some of those included/nominated.
A: True. I'm painfully aware that the list is far from perfect. But for now, I used my judgment to omit some anime titles because:
     a.) They're not in animestash's database.
     b.) They're still ongoing.

Q: Regarding your aforementioned answer above, why is Mahoutsukai no Yome, 3-gatsu no Lion S2 included and not Black Clover?
A: Simple, because they're both awesome masterpieces. Well, jokes aside, Yome and Lion are both 24-25 episode titles, while Black Clover is a 52 episode series. It will be eligible for next year's Stasher's Anime Awards, so it has plenty of time to make a more distinctive impact on the following arcs. Believe me, I read the manga. For now, it is omitted since it's not yet revving to full throttle potential. So it's bound to be a front-runner for whatever best category next year.

Q: Why don't you just add the missing titles, like Owarimonogatari S2, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 and Gintama so they can make the list since they're far better than most in the list?
A: Well, the answer is very simple. We're lazy and we couldn't find the time to do them. I reckon the aforementioned titles are god-tier in terms of popularity and they also hold a great amount of good content. But like I said, laziness overtook our enthusiasm.

Q: Some of the titles included in a genre doesn't match their actual content, i.e. Ryuu no Haisha is not a movie. Why did you add it to the Movie Category?
A: Welp, good question! It is certainly not a movie, but I can't help but feel I should include it in the list since it's an awesome movie-like special or something. It's more of a pain in the ass if I make another category named "Best OVA-Special of the year", so there you have it. Not much of an explanation, eh?

Q: Detective Conan Movie 20 should be replaced by Detective Conan Movie 21. Why did you opted for the 2016 movie instead of the newer one?
A: Again, please refer to the first answer up top. For its case, Movie 20 wasn't released until 2017, by a lot of third-tier group subs. It is only when the group I belonged stepped in that we actually delivered the best version in the internet. Too bad, it's only animestash-exclusive since the five of us are members of animestash.

Q: So, what happened to Movie 21?
A: To those who have read my haphazard updates, I mentioned we, five, are working on it last October. But the truth is, we're stalled at the moment. Our leader who is from Japan mainland, has to take care of important matters in his family. No way we can make progress if our leader who translates the movie isn't around, right? Two of our group are students, so they prioritized their studies over pitching time to our subbing cause. We, last two, the bluray rip provider and the encoder-typesetter, doesn't have a life... so there you have it. No Movie 21 in our database means no Movie 21 in the list.

Q: What's the basis of the inclusion of a title to a particular category?
A: Actually, a lot. First of all, the content. I'm again painfully aware that some inclusions are horrible sh*t series, i.e Ousama Game in Mystery-Horror Category. But since the category is scarce for series to be included, it freaking made the cut, thus it is listed as a choice. Don't vote for it, if I may say so. It just made the cut since there's no other titles to include. Secondly, there's MAL and ANN ratings, again, I'm well aware the list doesn't look like a sane list as it includes the most horrible series in this year. But please, don't just vote for the sh*ts and go on and vote for the good ones.

Q: Why is a certain title included in multiple categories?
A: Goodness, believe me, I tried my darn hardest not to duplicate series from one category to another. But hell to the genre, some series has strong fantasy and action elements, some mystery and suspense, some love story and comedy, etc. Summing it up, it boiled down to my own incompetence since I'm a one-man staff doing all the listing. Simply put, kindly have the understanding that sorting out 200+ anime titles to make a list is sure damn hard work.

Q: Why isn't there a best Male Seiyuu and Femal Seiyuu Category? Same as Best OP and ED Category? Best Male Supporting and Female Supporting etc...
A: Because I don't want to spend more effort than I already exerted.

Q: Why Berserk not listed at Best Action Category Why is Boruto not even listed in one category?
A: Simple, because they both sucks hell AF.

Q: Why can't I see the results of my vote?
A: For suspense, my friend! All of the votes won't be revealed until the end of the voting which is due at the 15th of January. Still, you can see the result if you want to, just explore the hidden options.

Q: Will you really do the next year's Stasher's Anime Awards?
A: Umm, erm...
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