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Author Topic: Ongoing story development - a community project  (Read 1364 times)
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Ongoing story development - a community project
« on: June 09, 2015, 10:20:28 AM »

Here is compiled version of story based on ongoing game at Lets Counting Up To The Million... thread

there was a man, who was angry because there are voices in his head arguing with each other, causing a recursive loop of thought, essentially driving his mind everywhere and nowhere causing him to......

Go to see a doctor but the doctor doesn't see anything wrong with him.. That's why he tried to talk to the voices that are in his head and finds out that..

actually he has a lot of personalities which is trying to take over his body for themselves and then destroy the world but . . .

the man doesn't want the world to end that's why he asked advice from his friends what to do and..

a wise friend of him told that he must travel to parallel worlds and persuade his personalities to stop destroying his world. then he . .

....searched within himself, trying to find a way to communicate with his personalities. the longer he concentrates, the further he sinks into the depths of his mind. he floats by what he can identify as memories, he recognizes some of his own but others are unknown to him. he arrives at a floating island filled with.....

many monster and he battled them all day.. When all of it was over he noticed that he is now lvl. 5 for defeating 200 slimes.. While looking for the exit, he met his Evil self and told him that he wants him to stop the plan to destroy the world.. His evil self said "You want me to stop destroying the world?? But let me remind you, I'm not the only one personality you have and if you die in this island to I'll have to take over your body and destroy the world".. Are you prepared to accept the risks?.. The man nod.. Evil self "Very well then, If you think you have what it takes to convince me then I will give you a chance. "Defeat the Very Great Undefeated Dark Ancient Wizard Dragon that is rampaging in island.. Then, I shall not destroy the world  anymore.." I can't sleep with its loud noise " The man accepted the quest. Having not enough experience he decides to find a place to train.. After many days of travel he finally...

...arrived to a valley. he scanned the area for potential threat, but seems to find nothing, for now. he found a large tree near a small stream and decided to take a short break. while leaning against the tree, he began to think about all the things that are happening to him so far.

"RPG element, weird Evil Twin , floating island and now lush valley? all inside my mind? isn't this just any other drea-?"

he never finished that thought as the ground rumbles, the tree shook and the stream stirred erratically as a booming noise is heard across the valley. a huge shadow emerges from the tree tops, parting the trees as if they ware twigs.

the man did not wait for the being to fully emerge and darted to nearby bush . through a small opening, he sees.......

a fire dragon flew up and used fire breath against another dragon. He looks closely and noticed the other one was the dark ancient wizard dragon he must defeat. But his body was stoned, he can't move even an inch. He was terrified by the fighting between the dragons, his natural instinct told him not to interfere or he will die. After half an hour, the battle ended with the fire dragon being slain by the dark ancient wizard dragon and it left. He comes out . . .

.....of the bushes, cautious of his surroundings. his mind raced for solution on problem at hand. he decided to calm down first, then try to find clues for the wizard dragon weakness. a bright light shine on his face, he turned toward the source and found himself staring down the nearby stream. he is curious whether the are other animals around or its just the water reflection. he feels nervous and uncomfortable so he decided to continue his journey. he went on beyond the valley, straight toward the nearby mountains to get an overall view of the floating island. he wonders why he cannot float around like he did in the beginning, tried few methods but none worked. few minutes passed by and he is now in a forest clearance, the mountains are still visible from the tree tops.  little did he know, an entity, reflecting light all around it, emerges from the small stream ......

... and hovers along the footprints our mind traveler. meanwhile, the man found himself staring at a collapsed building. it look very old, abandoned along time ago. it seems there are certain parts that still have roof, so it has shelter potential. however, the man feel unnerved and restless. he decided to avoid the building unless he has strong reasoning. he continued his journey toward the mountains, always keeping them in sight. after a while he heard a noise......

which resembles an explosion. he went to investigate it and found a girl lying down on the ground. he can't leave a girl at there alone so he decided to bring her along. after a an hour of finding shelter but no any good shelter found. he decided to go back to the abandoned building back then. just when he . . .

He found a cursed treasure after put that women on an old sofa. And something happen...

after putting the woman on the sofa, she suddenly woke up. the woman told her name was Sylphia and ask the man's name. but somehow he can't remember his name and randomly say the name comes out of his mind "my name is Vayn". at this moment, the cursed treasure suddenly . . .

....the treasure chest screeched and rattled violently. both Vayn and Sylphia were stunned, unsure of what to do. then, bright light came from the entrance, blinding both Vayn and Sylphia . It seems that the entity has caught up with Vayn and moving toward him at great speed. Vayn did what he can to escape the situation by using his hands to feel his way out. Sylphia however....

......was too confused, just sat at the sofa, petrified. the treasure chest opened up to reveal pointed teeth and a long slithering tongue rolls out. the treasure chest lunged at the light entity, swallowing it in one big gulp. the monster chest expanded as if it were pumped with air, ballooned up until its lid touches the ceiling. now that the blinding light is gone both Vayn and Slyphia regained their composure, started moving further into the building as the only entrance is blocked by the monster chest. Vayn helped Slyphia as she still too weak from previous ordeal by putting her arm over the shoulder. the further they go, the darker it gets and made their escape difficult. then, a huge explosion shook them, causing them to pause. the monster chest had blew up and ........

the monster chest blew up and something comes out then fly away in an amazing speed. Vayn and Sylphia thought it was not safe at the building then they went out to find for a better shelter. After searching for a few hours, they finally find a small cave enough space for both of them. They rested at the small cave for the night. Tomorrow morning, they . . .

.... were crudely awaken by loud noise from the forest. from a distance, they could see a light emitting entity with only a huge mouth , baring pointed teeth and a long hanging tongue seemingly attached to the light itself. the entity is chasing around a huge bird like animal, desperately trying to fend off the entity. both monsters went on their cat and mouse game until they were out of sight. Vayn decided to take it slow and learn more about this strange world from Slyphia. they both talked, changing information. it turns out that .....

It turns out that she wanted to escape from that world cause she is the last one who can stop the dark ancient wizard dragon which they called "Void". But the problem is her power wasn't awakened yet and she can't stay at there. Because Void soon or later will figure out she is still alive and will come for her. The current Vayn are no match for Void at all. After considering the current situation, Vayn and Sylphia decided to . . .

...escape from the forsaken world before more bad things happen, especially the wizard dragon and the light emitting entity which they called "Devourer". Vayn continues to ask about the island and how does anybody live here. "The island is called "Furlaght" by its inhabitants. this place is mostly peaceful, even with terrible beasts and anomaly. however thing change when Void came from a portal not too long ago. why and how he came is unknown to us as the Void avoids contact. at first we just mind our business, but then came another being, a man very similar to you Vayn in terms of appearance, but very different in attitude." said Sylphia. Vayn now knows that its better to avoid his Evil self too because he knows all terrible things he is capable of. Vayn's stomach rumbles while Sylphia was explaining about.....

... a beast that attacked her and the explosion that knocked her out is due to her magic. Vayn attempts to conceal his discomfort bit it was in vain. Sylphia chuckled ."if you want food, either we hunt for some or we go to my village" said Sylphia. Vayn decided to ......

ok, this thread only accept post that are related to the story such as questions of who, why, what, when and where, but not the continuation of the story itself.

any questions are welcome. ill update the story as frequently as possible.

 there only a few things to keep in mind for the game

1- you can write as long as you like, no word restriction. dont be afraid to write.

2- keep the story congruent, meaning the previous author ideas are not lost, cast away or steamrolled XD. this is to make the story as enjoyable as it can get for everyone involved

3- this is where your creativity shines   grin.  we cant boast watching anime with interesting stories without having our own to tell, can we?

4- anyone can contribute anything they like, if you dont have anything to contribute, well there;s still the counting numbers XD

Story progression

Main Character       - "Vayn"
Doctor                     - unnamed
Wise friend              - unnamed
Evil Self                   - unnamed
Wizard Dragon        - "Void"
Woman                   - Sylphia

Light Entity              - Devourer

The Island               - Furlaght


when the story is too long, ill put a summary here, it might take a while to get there though XD
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