Tutorial to improve HD/Hi10p Playback on old Single Core CPU


Tutorial to improve HD/Hi10p Playback on old Single Core CPU:
1. No need to install anything if have already installed K-Lite/CCCP Codec Pack
If you hate Codec Packs, you can also Install MPC-HC/BE, ffdshow, Haali & xy-vsfilter individually.
2. Use MPC-HC http://www.xvidvideo.ru/media-player-classic-home-cinema-x86-x64
Xp Users Set Output from Options > Playback > Output = "Overlay Mixer".
Vista/7 Users, Set Output = "EVR". (you can set Output"Overlay Mixer" on Vista/7 too but only as last resort.)

Disable all MPC-HC Internal Filters. (Using External Codecs/Splitters improves speed)

Disable Playback > Auto-load Audio & Subtitles. (Let Haali Media Splitter do it.)

Disable MPC-HC Audio Switcher (Let Haali Media Splitter do it. Enable Haali Tray Icon.)

3. Use ffdshow with Haali Media Splitter. http://www.free-codecs.com/download/haali_matroska_splitter.htm
Enable/Set "Drop Frame on Delay" & "Skip H.264 Deblocking on Delay". (Needed to minimize 10-bit Video Out-of-Sync issues)
Set ffdshow Video Decoder > Decoder Options > Drop Frame on Delay = 500ms &
Skip H.264 Deblocking on Delay = 150ms

In ffdshow Video Decoder > Codecs > Enable "Skip Deblocking when Safe" (To Make Decoding easier on CPU)
if it doesn't help Enable "Skip Deblocking Always" too. (Recommended for CPU below 1.8 Ghz. Use only as last resort)

Open Haali Media Splitter Settings >
Set Output > Decoder Priority Boost =  On (Needed to prevent Out-of-Sync issues.)
Set Input > Input Buffer Size = 32000 (8192-32000 enough for mini HQ/LQ 480p/720p)
(For True HD 720p Set between 64000-128000. For True HD 1080p Set between 128000-192000.)

4. Use ffdshow Audio Decoder >
Enable "Normalize" & "Regain Volume" (if sound too hard to hear)

Set Output to "Direct Sound"
Uncheck "Apply only to S/PDIF only"

5. Use xy-vsfilter http://code.google.com/p/xy-vsfilter/
To install just replace current vsfilter.dll if using klite/cccp.
or else copy vsfilter.dll to System32 Folder & do "regsvr32 %windir%\System32\VSFilter.dll" from Start Menu > Run.
(Don't use official gabest vsfilter 2.40 came with klite/cccp. its too slow & buggy)
Go to xy-VSFilter Settings: (if speed/lag problems with Styled Subtitles)
Go to VSFilter Settings "[More]" Tab from System Tray,
Set Subpixel Position: NONE(fastest)
All Cache's: 512 (don't set cache's to 2048 Max. it will degrade speed than improving)

6. Disable Anti-Aliasing & Anisotropic Filtering from Graphic Driver Properties (Optional)
Enable "Triple Buffering" if Tearing Problem with HD Videos.
7. Temporary exit Antivirus & any other CPU utilizing programs while playing HD/Hi10p Videos (Not Recommended but Improves Playback speed)
8. Go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced > -Performance- [Settings] > Advanced > [Change]
Change Page File Setting from "Custom" to "System Managed Size" Click [Set] > Ok & Restart Computer. (Recommended for XP only)
(To get rid of any annoying messages like "Low Page File" or "Low Memory" that might appear when watching Movies sizes in GB's & improve System Speed)
9. Confirm from MPC-HC > Play > Filters.

10. Done

Few Tips: (if having some trouble)
When you install Codec Pack, be sure to Select ffdshow as Preferred Decoder.
You can also use Win7DSFilter to change Preferred Decoder.
If you are having Priority Issues,
go to ffdshow Video/Audio Decoder > DirectShow control. Set Merit: Very high
go to MPC-HC > Options > External Filters > Add Filters.
Select ffdshow Video/Audio Decoder, DirectVobsub & DirectVobsub (Auto Loading),
Haali Media Splitter. Then Set all selected Filters to "Prefer".

Thanks, been searching for this. You need credits  :-)


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