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January 24, 2020, 03:58:10 AM

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Author Topic: Forum rules  (Read 2841 times)
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Forum rules
« on: November 14, 2006, 07:41:53 PM »

These are the general rules and apply to all the forums on the board, not knowing them is no excuse for violating !Violation may result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban depending on the magnitude of the violation.

1.Respect each other. Try to act in polite manner to other members. Do not bash, flame or in any way offend other members. Do not use excessive swear words or curses in your posts. Respect all Anime Stash Administrators and staff as they are building this community and site.

2. No explicit material and profanities allowed. Vulgar or obscene messages/pictures will be deleted as well as your account will be suspended on the spot. This also means no HENTAI or any links to hentai webpages.

3. English is the main language on forums. You must use english on most of the boards when posting so everyone will understand what you're trying to say, little mixing is okay if justified (fe. a pun or joke that requires a use of non english word). If u want to post in other languages visit Other Languages section in the forums.

4. No too big images. It's hard to define what too big images are. Try using common sense when posting them, as we do not want to experience slowdowns on forums.
It's not an iron rule, but please try to not post images larger then 640x480.  Do not make your avatar and signature picture too big, this is mostly interpreted as being so big it will transform the site layout. We suggest that avatar picture should be not bigger then 120x120. Signatures should contain not more than 50 words. Signatures (images) should not be bigger than 250-300 px high and 500 px wide. You can have up to 2 images maximum. Those are not "iron rules", but if any of staff members think that your images or signature is to big, they have the right to EDIT those for the sake of forum stability and accessability.

5.Posting common sense. Before creating a new thread, search the forum first for similar topics and  ensure you are doing so in the correct sub-forum. When posting a message, stay on topic. As much as possible, DO NOT post 2 or more messages in a row on the same thread. Use the edit function. Do not ever post any SPAM or referal links. Support threads that has been resolved may be sent to the trash bin by Staff members, if the threads will not help anyone in the future (fe. a resolved broken link thread)

6. Staff status. Contact any of the Admin staff if you find any violators of the given rules. If you ever contact a staff member through PM try to exactly define your problem. Staff are here to help you, but we do not like to receive meaningless PM. Feel free to report staff abusing their power if you find any. We are a democratic community and so we like to hear what other think before we act.

7. Software links. We do not support software piracy. It's  simple: no warez, cracks etc in the Technology & The Internet or any other forums. Open source and freeware however is allowed.

8. Hide the spoilers or do not post. For anime/manga discussions, DON'T post spoilers without using the appropriate tags to hide it. Noncompliance may result in a ban as we hate when people spoil others fun.

Use the spoiler tags when posting spoilers and say where the spoiler is from (i.e manga ch? / anime ep.?)

The tag is
[spoiler=title of spoiler]spoiler text[/spoiler]


Click the button to view it. Typing the title it is optional.

Took me a crap load of time to enable permissions to use spoilers (i dont even know why i must) so freaking use them! And if you are unable to post spoilers, its because I forgot about you. Post in the bugs forum then.

Also, you can use
to make a break in the page like i did above

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