Psy RD (Block Removing and Clearer Video)

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instead of using avisynth or other filters Psy RD is a good added visual improvement option on newer releases of x264

you have to choose subpixel refinement (this is megui and subme is the commandline) higher or equal to 6. The default value of 1 on "Psy RD Strength" is good on most cases just leave the Psy trellis as disabled because its not good for anime

other site i know uses Psy RD value of 0.6 because Psy RD in higher values can produced a grainy picture but dont get it wrong the grainy picture is as good as your watching a film grain and not ugly grains

Psy RD is good for removing blocks and it will sharpen the video so it will be clearer

this is recommended by an x264 developer on encoding at low bitrates here

heres a thread at doom9

i want to try it but avidemux doesn't have that feature..

avidemux if i recall enables it automatically (with a default value of 1) when you set "subme" to higher or equal than 6 and make sure you get the latest revision builds of avidemux because psy rd is present on latest x264 builds

or encode a video set "subme" to 6 or higher
then when finish check the reencoded video with mediainfo look for something like this "psy_rd=0.6:0.0" that will say psy rd is present on your x264 encoder

I've used subme6, with the rdo on bframes one.. i only get brdo=1 on the mediainfo
I've downloaded the 2.4.4 just know, I haven't tried, I tried with 2.4.3
wow avidemux using qt4 now..

do you mean  BRDO ?

brdo              Enables rate-distortion optimization of macroblock types in B-frames.  Requires subq>=6.
brdo = psy RD ...

I cannot find any string "psy RD" in mencoders man


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