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Sora no Otoshimono: Tokeijikake no Angeloid

Type: Movie
Episode Count: 1
Media: Fansub
Genre: Comedy Ecchi Harem Shounen
   Sora no Otoshimono Final:… (Movie) - Sequel

Discussion: None
Date Added: May 13, 2012, 12:24:50 AM
Status: Complete
Maintainer: DeadHungryKat

Summary: Movie adaptation of the Sora no Otoshimono manga, based on Kazane Hiyori's arc.

Links in 7z format.

Name:Mirror:Uploader:Added on:
Tokeijikake no Angeloid 001
Jun 08 2018
Tokeijikake no Angeloid 002
Jun 08 2018
Tokeijikake no Angeloid 003
Jun 08 2018
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