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PowerPuff Girls Z

Type: TV
Episode Count: 52
Media: Fansub
Genre: Adventure Comedy Magic Science-Fiction
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Discussion: None
Date Added: December 23, 2011, 03:34:32 PM
Status: Complete
Maintainer: Sacrianna

Summary: Professor Utonium and his son Ken have been assigned to study the mysterious Chemical X, which mutates and reacts when buns are dropped into it, becoming Chemical Z. When a strange glacier appears in Tokyo Bay, Ken uses a ray of Chemical Z to break it apart, causing several black rays of light to fall through the city. When the rays strike objects, animals, or people, they turn into monsters. However three white lights also break away and strike three ordinary girls, who gain the power to transform into Powerpuff Z. *ANN

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This is an HD remake of the original Gundam SEED series.Heliopolis,…
Yesterday at 03:48:45 PM Skyfish-Zho - @ben, what's the title of that animemovie?
Yesterday at 03:29:27 PM dragonheart - didnt liked ironman last animated movie i didnt add it to the DB
Yesterday at 02:48:34 PM ben tennyson - iron man rocks
Yesterday at 02:02:28 PM koneko - nyahaha~ new girls in the background
Yesterday at 07:34:21 AM Pondra - NGNL my fave so far Cool
Yesterday at 06:49:09 AM dragonheart - Shhh don't tell anyone 

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