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Sora Sora (Manga)
Guy and girl high school love adventure. A typical shoujo manga based…
Yesterday at 09:09:10 PM Mouse-sama
Yesterday at 06:40:33 PM poin - what anime is that on the new post?
Yesterday at 03:26:01 PM DeadHungryKat - @ame... Nyahaha, same analogy as why perverts loves to see panties XD
Yesterday at 01:34:49 PM mkprovince - What school did you go to? Boot camp?
Yesterday at 12:32:51 PM Mouse-sama - ill quote my school " we need to destroy u to be able to build u from the start" (like we want)
Yesterday at 11:52:56 AM ametaratsu - why do villains like the concept of destroy and rebirth

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