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Captain Harlock Saga (OVA)
Captain Harlock is drawn into a saga of intergalactic proportions when…
Today at 02:41:39 PM Amatokun - s2 for danmachi?? hope so!
Today at 10:23:51 AM cybuster - anyone willing to take up DBZ Kai - Majin Buu-hen?  Series has finished but no updates here yet..
Yesterday at 05:21:03 PM sle3pingz - wow, Thanks Mouse-Sama, sry i can't find at Search so i make a request, if can please delete it thx
Yesterday at 12:24:20 PM Raizu - Fufufu... 
Yesterday at 11:29:46 AM Mouse-sama - 0_0 two raizuki 
Yesterday at 09:33:16 AM DeBritto - lol.. CCS... huh

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